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Value Added Services

We appreciate that our customers all have differing logistical needs and we can offer a wide range of value added services to ensure a cost effective ‘one stop shop’ solution.
Examples of these include:
    • Supply of double capacity trailers to reduce number of loads required – more cost effective
    • Consolidation and cross docking of loads
    • Order and case picking
    • Supply of administration and management provided at customer warehouses & depots for smooth running of the contract – supply of staff
    • Supply of our own vehicle, trailer & driver hire to a customer on demand
    • Drop trailers made available to enable customer to load more efficiently
    • Obtaining shipping bookings for customers on ad hoc basis
    • Ability to respond quickly to increases in volumes
    • We supply transportation of ambient, chilled and frozen on the same trailer using splitter door equipment
    • We can carry a mixture of ambient, chilled and frozen goods on the one trailer using splitter doors (dual temperature transport)
    • Availability of double capacity trailers to maximise trailer fills & keep costs down
    • Trailer sharing – achieve cost savings for customers amalgamating part loads with same delivery destination
    • We provide servicing facilities for our customer’s equipment/ trailers to minimise downtime and cost and reduce number of miles travelled for maintenance.
    • We carry out driver swaps to facilitate tight delivery and shipping times so the load gets delivered on time without compromising on drivers hours legislation
    • We can hold stock on extra dedicated trailers to help customer to reduce pressure on factory floor space but allow for operational demands
    • We can supply a specific manager / point of contact for a contract
    • For high value goods, we have 24/7/365 security control room which monitors our depots and vehicles. Our vehicles equipped with anti-jacking device freight locks, satellite tracking devices
    • Our online computer system for transport and warehousing is accessible to our customers 24/7 and with real time information we can give them full visibility and aid their planning.
    • Automatic generated reports specific to each customer can be set up to include what information is important to them and they can be sent at any time of the day. This system also includes online access to scanned paperwork (PODs). New bespoke reports can be completed easily and quickly on a customer’s request.

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