McBurney Transport Group Limited welcomes the government’s Gender Pay Gap Reporting initiative, as a method of seeking to promote and deliver equality in the workplace.

As an employer of more than 250 employees in Great Britain, we are required to carry out Gender Pay Gap Reporting for those employees in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.
We confirm that the data reported is accurate.

Gender Pay Gap

Hourly pay
We are very pleased with the mean result of our reporting on mean hourly rates, being that women earn the same as men (based on a 0.5% differential in mean hourly rates). This is well below the mean gender pay gap UK benchmark cited by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) of 17.4%.

We believe that this is indicative of our approach to equality throughout our workforce, regardless of gender.

When assessing women’s median hourly rate, this is reported as being 10.6% lower than the median hourly rate for men. This differential is at odds with the mean hourly rate reported. We believe that the disparity between the mean hourly rate is connected to the fact that the majority of our workforce is male (which is addressed below). That said, we note that this percentage is lower than the median gender pay gap UK benchmark, reported by the ONS of 18.4%.

Bonus Pay
No bonuses were paid during the relevant period.

Proportion of women in each pay quartile

The figures reported confirm that there is a disparity between the number of females employed in each pay quartile in comparison to men.

This is strongly influenced by the fact that the majority of our employees in Great Britain, 94% are HGV drivers, warehouse operatives and transport operatives, 97.2% of which are male. While we are an equal opportunities employer, unfortunately there are very few female applicants to these types of vacancies.

While this disparity is reflected across the transport and logistics sector generally, we are committed to continuing to assess our recruitment and promotion exercises at all levels within our business, to ensure equal treatment of individuals, regardless of gender.

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